Child Education Planning

While children are a tremendous joy, they are a big responsibility. Most of the parents wish their child to take up professional courses to be an engineer, architect, lawyer, doctor, etc. However, the fees for these courses are becoming increasingly unaffordable. Smart Investments can help you choose a plan to wisely start investing in a child education plan at an early age, which will help you gather an investment corpus at the time of maturity which will be adequate to meet the inflated fees of colleges.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement plans are investment plans that lets you allocate a part of your savings to accumulate over a period of time and provides you with steady income after retirement. Smart investments will help you save enough to help you secure the golden years of your life. Most people make the mistake of investing in life insurance products which gives returns between 5 to 6% only for a long period of time for retirement which is very poor choice for a retirement plan. Make sure whatever returns you are getting are well above the inflation rate so that you have enough corpus at the time of retirement.

Do you know by just investing Rs. 4000/- per month you can achieve 3.38 CRORES.

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Home Loan EMI

As we know when we take a home loan, we land up paying double of the principal at the end of the loan tenure which cannot be recovered. Have you ever considered of a way to get all the principal and interest back?

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Tax Planning

Do you know that you can save up Rs. 89,600/- and much more under sec 80C, 80CC, 80CCD(1B), 80D.

Most of the people in India look at traditional instruments to save tax under sec 80 C. as we all know traditional instruments like PPF, Life Insurance, Etc have a lock in period for a long time and you hardly earn much returns which is above the inflation rate. Make sure your 80C i.e. 1.5 lakh is well diversified into different tax instruments.

People have a misconception that 80C is the only way to save tax whereby under sec 80C you can save only maximum upto Rs. 46,250/- but you can still further save much more.

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Mutual Funds

We are specialized in mutual funds/SIPs. We have tie up with the top 18 mutual fund companies so that we have a wide range of choice of funds. We also do a deep and thorough study of the fund managers and their experiences in the stock market. We choose funds according to your short term, medium term and long term goals. We also do have our own personalised software which we provide to all our customers free of cost. The software helps u to show the fund allocation of each fund that you are investing in and also shows you which companies the fund managers are putting your money into and how much percentage is going into the company. With all these features we serve you better and help you get the best fund!

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